Sweet Home Records - Catalogue Items

HSH027 Iguana forthcoming album
HSH026 Playfellow Carnival Off Remixed
HSH025 The Buyable Sluts Antacids
HSHD001 Bombee Parallels
HSH024 Various Artists Our Psychosomatic Love³
HSH023 Playfellow Carnival Off
HSH022 Suralin Leda
HSH021 Calaveras Water High
HSH020 Radar   Körnung
HSHV001 Bombee Chamber Stories - live DVD
HSH019 Radar Untitled Red EP
HSH018 Iguana Blues EP   
HSH017 Enny75 Cheering, Fears And Hypnotizing
HSH016 Might Sink Ships Even Nothing Is Definite
HSH015 Various Artists Our Psychosomatic Love²
HSH014 Bombee+ self titled
HSH013 Playfellow Penumbra
HSH012 Radar Rollsplitt
HSH011 Calaveras self titled
HSH010 Bombee+ BeachBoys Back from Anchorage
HSH009 Enny75 The Long Way to Many Small Songs
HSH008   The Cry War Games 2006
HSH007 Iguana Wheeler Dealer  
HSH006 Fbönky   Strange at Times
HSH005 Hapaq Lloyd Technical Progress Until Worlds Coming
HSH004 Various Artists Our Psychosomatic Love  
HSH003 Hapaq Lloyd Three Steps Beyond the ...
HSH002 Dropout Two Days
HSH001 Trendset   LoFi, Love and Suicide